How Do You Stay On Top Of Constituency Matters?

How Do You Stay On Top Of Constituency Matters?

Constituent services, as anyone working in government knows, is always on. Staying on top of constituent issues and understanding what makes your constituency ‘tick’ requires great quality tools. So what are those tools?

  1. Database manager - CRM
  2. Canvassing app
  3. Email blast sender
  4. Survey tool
  5. Task manager
  6. Mapping tool
  7. Constituent segmentation tool
  8. Issue tracker
  9. Casework manager
  10. Analytics tools
  11. Team management tools

Why do constituency managers use Voxcitio?

Constituency offices that work with us find a much greater level of organization for their staff who are all plugged-in, either through the dashboard or the mobile app. Savings are seen in administration, data entry, software costs and in overall efficiency. Best of all, these savings translate to more time spent understanding constituents and solving their problems.

So how are all these difficult constituent services delivered?


  • Import your constituency file.
  • Map out your constituents for easy outreach.
  • Assign teams and set out outreach areas.
  • Develop outreach questionnaires.
  • Outline constituency news and messaging.


  • Replace electoral poll with app data.
  • Track outreach and returning data on web dashboard.
  • Keep track of outreach staff for security purposes.
  • Develop an accurate record of voter issues and queries.


  • Track constituent issues hotlist by hashtag.
  • Understand electoral demographics in detail by turf or cohort.
  • Predict issues or areas for future planning


  • Template email and letter replies.
  • Reply to voter issues directly.
  • Develop constituency agenda based on feedback.
  • Establish relationships with individuals and groups.

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