Figuring Out Public Stakeholder Engagement

Figuring Out Public Stakeholder Engagement

Public consultation is all about discussion, discussion with the people in the area, the people working on the project and the people directly affected both positively and negatively from the project. That's a lot of people, right?

These people are known as stakeholders and often fall into two categories; Public and Key.

Stakeholder Mapping

The first obstacle you are going to face is identifying who matters when conducting your public consultation.

Key stakeholders are made up of individuals, specific groups or parties that can affect or are directly affected by an organization, policy, program or decision,

Public stakeholders tend to be members of the public or a broad base of stakeholders affected by a project, eg all third level educators in a country.

Stakeholder mapping is useful because when identified, these stakeholders have to think thoroughly through the process of the consultation.

Key Stakeholder vs Public Stakeholder

Communication channels in a key stakeholder environment tend to be very detailed, allowing for communication to flow back and forth between the stakeholder and the project team. Examples include workflow charts, meeting schedules, video conferencing, email, shared digital properties and a variety of face-to-face engagements.

Communication channels in a public stakeholder environment are tailored to allow the project team to reach out to the stakeholders but may not have similar functionality when communicating from the stakeholder back to the project team. It would not be logistically possible to have hundreds or thousands of individual stakeholders being given access to one software system so the more normal method of communication back would be through survey responses, data captured face-to-face, online forums or noticeboards, email and public meetings.

Our software Voxcitio works especially well for people working on projects which require a lot of public stakeholder input. You simply need to upload a stakeholder file or else manually add individuals from something as basic as an excel sheet. We work to allow you to manage all of these stakeholders in one dashboard. Our project mix of the mobile app, CRM system, survey builder and email functionality is unique in the stakeholder engagement space. You can gather and group together thousands of issues taken from your stakeholders and merge them to form coherent and consistent feedback.

The opportunities being afforded public consultation teams working in the public stakeholder environment have changed radically, even from a few years ago. It is now possible to:

  • See demographic trends

  • Identify key issues by tags

  • Provide segmented communication by filtering databases

  • Give regular updates on project progress by email

  • Update project team in real-time with the latest information

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