Database Management & Record-Keeping For Non-Profits

Database Management & Record-Keeping For Non-Profits

Databases are something that lots of our users get bogged down in. Data is something we encounter in large scales every day now thanks to tech and the benefits we always see from “knowing more”.

Thankfully, software is a solution and more importantly, Voxcitio is! Used by a variety of stakeholder engagement projects and several nonprofits, Voxcitio's function is to streamline the process of organizing. Managing membership for NGOs is an enormous task and something that we feel our product can do pretty well.

So How Can We Help?

Voxcitio provides an Interface between the database and end user. It is a systematic way to create, update and manage data.

Import your database of members and target members - Having your list in one area is so convenient, and while an obvious objective for any organization, it is something which causes headaches due to the many channels in which new data can be added to.

Manage and segment this database for follow-up communication - Having all this information in one place allows you to easily segment and take action.

Onboard volunteers and staff members to your system by email - Outreach ability is something we pride ourselves on and it really couldn't be easier to keep collecting member info while always adding new members.

Assign casework to those staff and volunteers - Goals, goals, goals. What is advocacy work without them? Communicating to volunteers about casework is brilliantly managed through trends which are kept the Issues page.

Assign outreach work to those staff and volunteers (in the form of canvassing walk lists) - Conceived with a political ideology fuelling it, Voxcitio's cores functionality is tied to canvassing and walk lists. We find this translates to those also working within the NGO community as it is largely done through face-to-face interaction.

Conduct phone surveys - Having the option of operating off the dashboard or the mobile app may appeal to many organizations and using these carryout phone surveys is a hidden functionality which political campaigns didn't even realize they could carry out until recently. If you can knock on a door and carry out a survey, it only makes sense that you can do it over the phone.

Send out email blasts - Another one of our popular features is our email blast page. Reaching your members with one click of a button is something most users expect nowadays of any reputable software.

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