We all know the importance of community work and ensuring that citizens are kept up to date on developments that are occurring in the neighborhood. Many factors can impact how a community operates, social, economic, educational opportunities etc. No matter what kind of organization you operate, if it involves people in the locality it is important to have regular meet ups or training days. Brushing up on skills or even team bonding days are all crucial to continuing to drive your project. Local GAA clubs in Ireland, regularly hold training days for coaches, it is not uncommon for youth clubs to hold brainstorming meetings on how to keep their club fresh with ideas and even big companies hold refresher courses from time to time.

What are they?

Community training days can take many forms or be called many things; community awareness days, talks from experts in the field, slideshows, practical activities or even day trips somewhere. Making things as varied and inclusive as possible is very important. Keeping costs low will also increase participation amongst individuals, you don't want money keeping someone from furthering their participation in the community.

Who can benefit?


Some designated Community Training Centres in Ireland provide integrated education, training and work experience to young people aged between 16 and 21 years who have left school with incomplete or no formal qualifications.

Rest assured, however, training days run by people within your organization don’t always need to be followed by a certificate. People gain confidence from doing days like this and that can sometimes be enough of a reward.

What can be covered?

Social media training is always encouraged as lots of community organizing take place on these platforms. Many members of community focused project can be from a different generation and may have missed out on the Facebook and Instagram surge, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn. Someone who is 50 can tweet as well, if not better, than a teenager.

Outreach training: Some community focused groups conduct surveys door to door and not every person may feel comfortable approaching people and holding a conversation. This may stem from not knowing enough about the project or the background. Use training days to build up knowledge and even practice one and one encounters.

Community fundraising strategy planning: Organizations are more often than not kept going by donations and local fundraisers. Ideas can be hard to come by and that is why it is always good to hear fresh ideas. Keep an eye out for people who specialize in running fundraising events as they may be willing to come and speak to your group.

First Aid: AEDs are now commonplace in most rural towns and villages. It is always reassuring when you have people in the community who are certified in performing CPR and first aid. These kind of training days are always well supported as the benefit is so clear.

How to promote it?

  • Local newsletter/magazines
  • Social media
  • Radio
  • Local TV

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