Repealing The 8th: The Pressure To Organize

Repealing The 8th: The Pressure To Organize

On March 8th, 2017, we witnessed a demand from the people of Ireland. A demand that the Irish Government set a date for a referendum to Repeal the Eighth Amendment.

It was International Women's Day, a day where many great leaders were celebrated, many great women who valiantly overcame oppression, economic hardship and more were held aloft and praised for their contribution to society. It was also a day that showed that not all battles are over. If the superbly organized Bus4Appeal or the marches that took place across Ireland proved anything, it's that we succeed when we organize!

We can achieve great things when we have a common goal in sight and that’s what the repeal the eighth movement is all about. Women are not prepared to wait patiently anymore, recent polls further strengthen our view that Irish people want the issue of abortion dealt with. Irish women need autonomy over their bodies and the opportunities to make choices over their own body. Services need to be introduced in this country to enable them to do that.

So if the politicians are still not listening, how can we take this movement to the next level?

Let’s Quantify Our Data:

Social media has served its purpose phenomenally well over the last few years. Creating communities where people can build relationships and share ideas. Many of the movements like Repeal the 8th grew on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and the impact it has had, well, it’s unrivaled. Where social media can leave you down, however, is the data. You can get a good understanding of the support behind a project from likes and shares but if you need hard figures, then you need a data management tool such as Voxcito.

Why not record information on all the people who support an issue and share this concrete data with people. You can’t ignore the power of the petition. Facts and figures when paired with storytelling is the most powerful tool we, as citizens, have after all.

Let’s Do More Surveys:

One good thing about the new influx of community organizing technology is the ability to carry out multiple surveys at once. Time is money, so if you can take a poll or complete a survey on your mobile phone while carrying out other tasks, you are optimizing your time. Surveys are also designed to help communities understand power dynamics and incorporate this understanding into planning for social change efforts.

Let’s Organize More Rallies:

Marches, rallies, and strikes are sometimes viewed in a negative light but that is only because they work. Seen as a last resort by many, the threat of strike almost pushes organizations to the brink and more often than not, a solution is found if the threat is ongoing. Rallies are overwhelming symbols of public outcry and support for an issue. Using new technology specifically made for citizen engagement and public consultation issues ensures that organizing these events is a stress-free as possible, but it also enables you to have more control over your event as opposed to creating a Facebook event.

If you want to learn more about Voxcitio can help you take your project to the next level, check it out here.