Busy trying to improve citizen engagement in your locality? It’s hard to imagine that we still need to convince people to go out and enjoy themselves. Not all progress can be measured in data sheets and signatures on a form and we, for one, want to encourage the social aspect of community organizing.

Knowing how important a handshake can be, is knowing what you do now will only be a bonus to you in the future. We work with a lot of organizations doing public consultation and other forms of outreach which, if we are honest, isn’t the most exciting thing to the ordinary citizen. The task, therefore, lies in the challenge of making things more inclusive and fun.

The 'block party' may be an American concept but the idea remains fundamentally unchanged no matter what corner of the globe you reside. It offers an opportunity to mix with your neighbors, share a sense of pride and have fun.

Reasons To Organise A Block Party Now

  • Get to know your neighbors

It is getting more and more common that we don't know the person who lives right next door to us and don't even start about the people in the new house down the road. We have confused privacy for isolation. We have removed that sense of community and replaced it with a fear of the "new". Introducing the block party into your village or apartment complex not only gives you an opportunity to form new friendships, it also promotes a friendly local atmosphere. It opens up the door for things like parties, unplanned hangouts, dinners, kids play dates, and so much more. It’s great to know who you live near, and it makes the neighborhood feel more like a home.

  • Celebrate your community

With these new found connections, you may also discover a shared bond. This could be an interest in the local sports team or a passion for the arts. Don't always gather together when fighting an issue, celebrate wins, even holidays. With communities becoming more diverse, it gives people a chance to learn about another background, heritage, and culture.

  • Have fun

Now we are guilty of this ourselves. If your task is to increase citizen participation because you have an agenda to push, we can understand the pressure. It's not always easy trying to make community organizing appealing when you have targets hit but trust us, it's easy to get people to join in when they don't see it as work.

If you want people to join your local community group then remove the "work" element. Block parties can be the best place to discuss next week's AGM or the next fundraising idea. It's all about creating a relaxing atmosphere and taking the stress out of the equation.

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