The Proactive Engagement Experience

The Proactive Engagement Experience

Do you have a proactive citizen engagement strategy?

Th aim of the game is to bring more and more individuals into the decision making process. Enough of this "too many cooks spoil the broth", we know better! Being responsive to citizens needs and ultimately having a government made from the ground up is what we should all be striving for. So, how do we get this started? Simple, check out how to build the experience right here:

Find A Balance Between Online & Offline Engagement

Offline events are supported by online campaigns. There is no better way to engage as many attendants as possible. Online ads, promotions, social sharing and blog posts dedicated to the events attract many people to what you’re going to arrange.

Don’t Just "React"

Situations are inevitable! How you handle these situations says a lot about your character and how you come out of each situation. Acting proactively instead of reacting will not only make most situations easier to navigate, it will also help you plan for and understand your long-term goals. You’ll also have more flexibility by thinking about the “what if’s” now because you are able to choose the best option or resolution early on rather than being forced to do something at the last minute which may very well be your only option.

Decisions are usually made without sufficient understanding of the facts and circumstances resulting in the potential for more problems. Contrary to proactive people, reactive people are usually unorganized, unprepared, and frantic since they usually haven’t considered the possibility of unexpected “situations” and the implications they have on their well-being and the Empire they’re trying to build. They have limited control over their future.

Value Feedback - Prioritise

The aim of all social innovators is to develop solutions that meet social needs more effectively than existing solutions. However, in order to develop solutions, it is first important to diagnose the problem that needs addressing. In many cases, social innovations are driven by those individuals who are affected by a particular issue. In these instances, feedback is paramount. Always give an opportunity to those who are concerned to give a response, be it at a community feedback session or even a freephone number.

Build Stronger Relationships

To deepen engagement, many organizations are increasingly turning to automated technology that gives stakeholders access. Today citizens expect high tech and organized outreach. Using all these resources is encouraged and that's why all our new relationships are formed through various different outlets, be it Facebook, canvassing using an app, direct mail or outreach through the phone. Forming relationships with the individuals who matter has never been more important.

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