Making Community Engagement Fun

Making Community Engagement Fun

The term community means something different to everyone and we love seeing this as long as the community still remains inclusive. We can't shut anyone out, there are no “members only” here and we must not slow down in our efforts to grow the conversation beyond ourselves. Making it fun is one obstacle we often come up against, simply because we place such importance on community engagement. Often times, it is this added pressure which makes us remove the “fun factor”, but it should always be an enjoyable experience. We are going to explore some activities which promote community engagement while still holding on to some light hearted processes.

Storytelling & Practical Activities

This has proved a fantastic way to involve people in influencing the future of where they live. It moves the idea of community engagement and the positive results it brings beyond the page. Finally, we can see a vision for what the future will look like through storyboards and even hear stories of how people in other communities operate.

Having someone speak about how they ran programs and fundraisers in their locality offers an interesting perspective for many volunteers. You can learn more by holding workshops with other community leaders and asking questions and even learning from their beginner errors.

It all serves to better the people through innovative teaching, learning, and other activities in the area of civic and community engagement.

Have Goals In Sight

Inspire new thinking & catalyze partnerships through the added 'pressure' of meeting targets. You don't need to set high and lofty goals, instead focus on enhancing and exchanging knowledge, skills, and expertise in a collaborative manner. This will allow you to delve into various areas and not be restricted.

To add a bit of healthy competition to your group, why not set weekly targets. For example, if you are holding an upcoming event to raise money for your local hall or activity center, why not pit individuals against each and see who comes up with the best pitch. A 'Dragons Den' type competition run internally amongst your volunteers always gets the people going.

Continuing to think outside of the box will keep things fresh and make the entire process more engaging.

Get Out There & Meet People

Local areas are encouraged to make sure that everybody can participate in the planning and decision making and they are proving successful at getting people from all parts of the community involved. Don't just hold a meeting in a hall, set up movie nights, organize fun runs and block parties, all these will bring people together.

Establishing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating sustainable quality co-operative partnerships within communities will improve the quality of life and empowerment of the community concerned, as well as society in general AKA, make bloody friends with everyone!

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