Better Cupertino Uses Technology To Get Ahead

Better Cupertino Uses Technology To Get Ahead

Better Cupertino is a group of concerned residents who act together for a more responsive and responsible Cupertino government. Their focus is engaging residents and city government to balance growth and quality of life, something which was a great fit for Voxcitio. The group was formed in November 2014 when they learned about the potentially significant General Plan amendments (GPA) that the City Council was planning to adopt.

Their discussions on school and neighborhood chat groups and email lists evolved into a group that is focused on engaging residents and city government to balance growth and quality of life. Better Cupertino builds grassroots support for its cause and has a strong focus on face-to-face canvassing operations locally.

With a team of over 40 regular volunteers, Better Cupertino have managed to reach out to their community and advocate for the residents of the area. They average over 30 canvasses per day.

Working With Voxcitio

In the initial stages, Better Cupertino was concerned with onboarding volunteers for canvassing and making sure they were able to deliver canvassing routes to these volunteers easily.

Once they had established best practice around canvassing operations they turned their attention to managing and understanding the data coming back from field operations.

We helped them to provide training documents and materials to their team so best practice was adhered to. Support was provided through the chat box on the website so they had access to immediate help with any issues. Any support tickets that came through out of hours were dealt with the next day.

We also organized a tutorial with their team to ensure they were getting the best from the product. This is a standing offer with all campaigns and can be availed of periodically as the campaign changes.

Finally, they used the product to inform their campaign messaging in the critical few weeks prior to election day. They were happy they were able to respond to the feedback from voters and ensure they were correctly representing their views.

Better Cupertino have radically improved their organizational structure for volunteer members. The quality of information being disseminated in the community is enhanced by Voxcitio Talking Points which are delivered to volunteers directly through their mobile app.

The future of community engagement is now clear and capable of being reproduced as the organization scales.

If you want to know how Voxcitio can help you in this manner, why not get in touch below.