Figuring out the Intercept Survey

Figuring out the Intercept Survey

Intercept surveys are surveys that are conducted in-person, generally in a public place, restaurant or business. For instance, interviewers might approach patrons leaving a shopping center and ask to interview them about their experiences.

Interviewers might ask the questions or simply explain aims for their project and give the questionnaire to the respondent to fill out. The surveys might be completed on paper, on a tablet or on a laptop.

This practice is essential to organizations interested in carrying out public consultation and other forms of citizen engagement.

Smartphone apps are beginning to change this practice slightly since they offer the ability to survey invitees through push notifications based on people’s geo-location and time of the day. But these notifications require an in-depth relationship with the smartphone owner, i.e. they have to download a custom made app and agree to be available to receive push notifications. This is where Voxcitio plays a vital role, with our app you can build a survey and push it on site or remotely.

What can an intercept survey look like?

Intercept research can encompass taste tests, building proposals, merchandise testing, experience, and satisfaction surveys. The respondents are able to experience various types of stimuli, like new packaging, advertising story boards, or food samples that would be impossible to test in other types of large-scale surveys.

What a typical day of carrying out Intercept Surveys with Voxcitio looks like?

Intercept research is a commonly used mode of marketing data collection. It is designed to conduct surveys with participants in person, while they are interacting with the client’s business. Trained interviewers are positioned in or near to the business that is paying for the surveys. Then, the interviewers select patrons entering or exiting the business to administer a short questionnaire to see if the participant qualifies for the survey. If they qualify, the survey is conducted.

A client of ours may use Voxcitio software to conduct an intercept survey for a local mall. The aim of this is to better understand the habits of shoppers and ultimately, make their experience a happier one.

When conducting customer profiling intercept surveys, you should create a 20 question intercept script with an aim of it being completed in less than 5 mins.

From undertaking this research, you should get a clear indication of what needs to be improved in the mall. The research is aimed to assist the client with a better understanding of behavior patterns and provide data.

Voxcitio allows you to create a survey on the dashboard of your computer and then sync it to your volunteer's mobile apps or tablets. The survey can be as detailed as you wish to enable maximum data collection but we would advise keeping it brief to maintain the interest of your participants.


Intercept surveys will deliver the results that matter from the people that matter.

  • Intercepts will target all visitors or application users equally, ensuring that every segment of your users receives the same chance to respond to your survey.

  • They are an extremely valuable source of information if you want to learn more about your customers because you can capture information in real-time.

  • By using a smartphone or tablet it is easy to gather data from conferences, trade shows, expos, fairs and more.

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