Vconnecta Ltd was delighted to be honored with the inaugural Smart Technology Innovation award at European Tech Cluster Leaders Awards 2016 #leaders16 in Fota Island Resort in Cork last week. The awards were managed by IT@Cork, a leading not-for-profit business organization, representing IT organizations in Cork.

The award is designed to recognize companies that are contributing to the community and the economy with innovative solutions to existing processes. Vconnecta Ltd was chosen from a very strong field of finalists on the basis that it showed leadership in the area of technology innovation and particularly, as it helps other organizations to innovate in their community engagement work.

Vconnecta consists of Ecanvasser, a mobile app and campaign dashboard for campaigning and constituency management and, of Voxcitio, a consultation and engagement tool for projects and citizen engagement. Both products are designed to streamline the processes around engaging with people and building relationships.

In the context of Cork and its growing reputation as a smart region, Vconnecta not only offers a great example of home-grown smart tech, it is also the software that will be used to drive other organizations in the region to be ‘smarter’. Local government, smart-cities initiatives and public consultation projects now use Vconnecta to drive their community engagement.