Why Public Consultation Software Is The Answer

Why Public Consultation Software Is The Answer

What is Public Consultation?

Public Consultation is a key regulatory tool employed to improve transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness of regulation.

The Key Steps When Undertaking A Successful Public Consultation:

1. Notify

The first step in any Public Consultation process should be to notify those directly affected by the project. Communication to the public is essential and as a rule of law, it is expected. At this stage of the process, the public plays a passive role in receiving said information as it is ultimately a one-way system of communication.

This does not constitute consultation, but it is the beginning of the process. Notification also allows stakeholders to prepare themselves for the upcoming consultation process.

2. Consult

The wheels have been set in motion at this stage and those in charge are actively seeking the opinions of the affected or concerned parties.

Here is also where the gathering of information will help draft higher quality regulation.

3. Engage

When we get to the engage stage of the consultation, all the people involved are actively participating in helping to form regulatory objectives, policies, and various other approaches. Cohesion among the various groups involved is necessary here to facilitate implementation and improve compliance, consensus, and political support if necessary.

Stakeholders will also often be involved in regulatory development, implementation and or enforcement in circumstances in which they wish to increase the sense of ownership or commitment to the process.

4. Decision

After recommendations have been made, the project ultimately tends to proceed. At this point, consultation is still necessary but winding down in influence.

Why Voxcitio will help?

Stage 1: Email & Face to Face

During the notify stage, it is important to reach as much of those who will be involved in your process as possible. We find what works very well is through email.

One of the most important features in Vconnecta is our email blast function. It is through this that you will be able to reach a vast section of your demographic and first make them aware of a project.

Due to our software also having a mobile app, you may follow up your emails with a face to face interaction, either from canvassing door to door or simply public events. Tracking who you have interacted with via the app couldn't be more simple thanks to our People page.

Stage 2: Talking Points & Surveys

During the Consult stage, one can assume that everyone is aware of the ongoing project. This is when you will be receiving and managing a lot of feedback.

The first feature of Vconnecta that will come into play here is Talking Points. Talking points are short policy positions that are available to your team via the mobile app while they are in the field.

The next important function of out software is the Surveys page. It is here where you can build and manage what questions you ask the public.

Stage 3: Issue Tracking

Engaging with the various individuals involved in a Public Consultation can be tricky so organization is key. Keeping information is made easy through our Issues tab. This allows you to take all recommendations and tag them appropriately.

If you are having an ongoing discussion with one particular stakeholder you can keep a record of all the conversations through the issue tracking page. This simply means that you lose no valuable information.

Why is Public Consultation important?

  • Consultation improves the quality of rules and programs. It also improves compliance and reduces enforcement costs for both Government and subjects to the rules.

  • PC increases the information available to the government on which decisions can be based.

  • It is needed for collecting empirical data for analytical purposes, measuring expectations, identifying non-evident policy alternatives.

  • It is needed to better assess the impacts and minimize costs.

  • Increases the level of transparency:

  • Bringing into the discussion the expertise, perspectives and ideas of those directly affected.

  • Helps to balance opposing interests.

  • Identifying unintended effects and practical problems. By notifying people early, it is possible to foresee more easily the consequences of some planned policies, becoming one of the most productive ways to spot potential administrative hurdles.

  • Consultation processes can also enhance voluntary contribution thanks to:

  • Changes announced in a timely manner means time to adjust

  • Sense of shared ownership.

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