Canvasser Tracking: The What, Why and How

Canvasser Tracking: The What, Why and How

Every step you take, every move you make - how canvasser tracking is creeping everyone out

Canvasser tracking, the notion that you can have an online record of where your field operatives have been, has become a central element in all field operations. Whether they are sales canvassers, field researchers or political canvassers the demand for data on the movements of canvassers is needed for a variety of reasons. Canvasser tracking is made up of a number of elements:

  • Canvasser paths, what route did the canvasser take through a geographical area.
  • Time stamps. What time did the person visit Point A, or Point B, for exactitude of location.
  • What actions did they take at individual points? Is there a data collection element to their canvasses that logs their activity.

The Benefits of Canvasser Tracking:

1. From a security point of view, you now have a record of activity in the case of an incident or an accident.

2. From an auditing standpoint, you can provide a record of all activity in the event that you are audited by a governing body or if it is needed in any legal circumstances.

3. For management KPI tracking. All canvassing work benefits from Key Performance Indicators in driving productivity. In sales canvassing particularly, KPI’s will be set, such as number of properties to canvass, sales conversions, turfs covered and so on. Having canvasser tracking data allows this to take place.

4. For efficiency management. If management can see ‘from above’ the paths, time stamps and activity of canvassers they can begin to see areas where improvements can be made, thereby improving productivity.

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