Sales Canvassing

Sales Canvassing

Field sales canvassing is a simple enough operation, a game of numbers where if you knock on enough doors you will make sales. Make enough sales and you justify your canvassing program. The challenge for field sales managers really relates to two elements of this process, firstly, organizing the canvassing and the canvassing teams and, secondly, tracking the canvassers in the field. Addressing these two problems is getting easier with the advent of database mapping and mobile apps but getting the right fit for your specific operations can often be difficult.

Voxcitio attempts to solve the twin problems of organizing and tracking canvassing in a simple way. It gives the organizing tools directly to the field manager so they have complete control over turf assignment, team permission settings and every element of the sales call itself from surveys to sales script.

Canvassers also benefit from a slickly designed mobile app for tablet or phone. This guides them around their canvass area ensuring they don’t waste time calling to unresponsive houses. When they do get to the door it then structures the doorstep interaction for them with sales scripts, drop-down questions and automatic syncing of information back to HQ.

Back at HQ the field manager is able to see individual canvassers progress and see the sales as they come back in. He will be able to see the campaign as a whole including the number of houses canvassed and what the sales totals are. This real-time data will help to streamline and improve subsequent campaigns.

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