Field Sales Tracking

Field Sales Tracking

I was speaking with a field sales manager this week about the challenges he faces in managing canvassers and getting the best from them. His view was that the success of his operations was down to two things:

  • The quality of the doorstep interaction by the canvasser
  • The efficiency of navigating around the walk route

He was able to work with canvass teams on the first point. Much of his focus was on getting canvassers to qualify or disqualify prospects quickly. Having a structure to the interaction was also a great help, not a script as such but a process.

Where he was struggling though was with canvassers use of their time while out on canvass. Missed houses, incomplete data and KPI’s not being reached were a continual problem for him and he was relying on the canvassers telling him where they had gone when they returned. This just wasn’t acceptable for him or when he was reporting back to the regional manager.

Luckily, we were able to provide him with help on this score with our canvasser tracking tools. Voxcitio offers database mapping, team assignments and a range of field data collection tools including a mobile app. However, it is the canvasser tracking abilities on the management dashboard that gives real control to field sales managers. Here you can filter by an individual canvasser and see a list view that they have taken in real-time. This allows managers to assess KPIs quickly and provide feedback to teams on how to organize their field operations better.

Vconnecta Sales can help you stay on top of all the work your volunteer canvassers are doing in 3 easy steps.

  • Go to the Campaign Page on your Sales Dashboard and scroll down to the Activity Timeline

  • Go to the Filter box and click on Additional Filters. Click on which Canvasser history that you would like to see.

  • When you have clicked on the canvasser you wish to track, like we have below with Mark, then go to the filter icon and click.

  • Your Canvassing Timeline will then be filtered according to all the canvasses that a certain canvasser has done.

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