Door to Door Sales Canvassing

Door to Door Sales Canvassing

Knocking on doors isn’t for the faint-hearted, the fast-paced industry of door-to-door sales requires grit. You get doors slammed in your face more times than you win but when you do make a sale, it's a great feeling. Here are our Top 5 Tips for when you go selling door-to-door.

Be confident

Best foot forward, know your product, look the part and have a bit of flair about you.

Get contact information

You will need to follow, remember nobody is going to take everything you say in so it's best to put it all down in writing

Foster a sense of desire at the door

You are trying to make your product as attractive as possible to the customer. Explain its benefits, how it will make life easier, everything is about convenience nowadays

Make your pitch perfect

Rather than just expecting your sales team to think in the moment, have them create sales scripts to use. These scripts should include specific speaking points, such as a blurb about your company and a list of your product or service’s main features.

Identify your target market

Create an effective plan of action for your cold calls, and have a set target market. Rather than just knocking on every person’s door, you need to decide who you’re going to target. For example, you may want to target businesses in a particular industry or businesses in a specific ZIP code.