Importance of Survey Apps in Field Research

Importance of Survey Apps in Field Research

Why Use A Field Survey App?

In the area of public opinion research, we need as much help as we can get because it isn’t an easy task!

We are caught in the middle of the big data revolution because volumes of information can be created everywhere.

The smart data scientists among us can use all this info to correctly predict consumer behavior. Due to smartphones replacing landlines, apps play a much larger role in how we gather this data. Each time we talk to someone and get them to answer a few questions we are helping to drive innovation. Survey research is thriving because we can now reach such a diverse cross-section of the population.

Surveys are intended to reflect a snapshot of public opinion at one point in time and here is 3 reasons why we think you need to employ them!

Less Time, Less Cost

A mobile app offers the ability to capture data directly on a tablet or smartphone, with or without an internet connection. Great when you’re knocking on doors all day and you may have used up all your internet data!

Increased Productivity

You can capture all types of data with a touch of a button including text, numbers, photos, signatures, date/time, location, address, and email. Having access to all these vital bits of information helps when building buyer personas and other possible targets.

No More Mess

Everything is synced to one centralized database with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems to eliminate repeat data entry.

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